How to configure "Open Matches" at your Club

More matches, more income to your Club!

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In Playtomic, the match world has been designed and implemented to make your Club more profitable and to give players an easy, comfortable and fun game experience.

Each user will be always able to find new players for their matches and the possibility of increasing their level within the Club Ranking or the Playtomic World Ranking.

Let's see the main characteristics:

🎾Open matches are automatically generated and launched by Playtomic at all available slots of your club schedule. You do not have to actively create (or "launch") such matches as this action is carried out completely and independently by Playtomic Manager. You just need to activate Open Matches in your Club:

1️⃣ Open Playtomic Manager and click on “Configure Match Settings”.

2️⃣ There can you activate the button for Padel or Tennis and choose between “Only double” or “Single & Double” courts you want to activate:

3️⃣ Set the initial level when the first player joins the match. (initial and final match level)

4️⃣ Click on “Save” button

👨‍🎓 Important information

🎾 Your only task is to help to fill the matches by sharing the link of the match in your chat or social media. Players can also share matches on social media and easily find other players. See here how to to share the link of a match

🎾 In order to register for matches, players must pay their fees online (either by card or wallet), if not, their registration will not be confirmed. Thus, the manager and all players can be assured of their actual attendance. Players can use split or single payment in matches. To know more regarding this, please click here

🎾 If a match is not completed on time or if the player decides to withdraw from the game, he/she will receive an immediate refund of the fee he/she has previously paid online. To check how the cancellation system works click here

🎾 In every match, there is a chat room that will allow players and managers to interact with each other and exchange messages freely. Click here to see further regarding this feature

🎾 A player can choose between competitive vs friendly matches. The players can add the result when the match ends. The reliability of the level will increase thanks to the results but it will be only changed in competitive matches. Check the differences between them on this article

🎾 The match level is dynamic. It is set based on the first player to sign up. (- 0.25 / + 0.75). But if a player doesn’t match the level, they can still request a spot in the match. With only 1 person rejecting the request will be enough to not be able to join the match (this is done anonymously). To see more information click here.

🎾 When joining Playtomic, players need to complete an initial questionnaire, when done an automatic level will be assigned to them. Only by playing matches they can go up or down in their level. Additionally, if they believe it is very far from the true value, they can contact us via Help Center and we can change it manually ( only low it ). To check how the Playtomic algorithm works

As a manager you have full control over some additional actions regarding Open Matches, please see a summary below:

💬 If you do not find an answer, do not worry! you can always contact us in the chat.

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