How to reserve a court for a Match
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Playtomic matches are independently managed by the system, which will reserve or remove the court according to certain rules related to the number of participants and the time remaining until the start of the match,

What are these rules? Check out this article for further information

Courts are assigned by default in the option “Autoselect” but you can also move the reservation in the Schedule if you want to assign a specific court to a match.

⚠️Keep in mind that when you move a booking you might have this pop-message if your court have different prices:

Additionally, in case a player cannot book a match via App/website, you can block a match for a certain player so it is not bookable in the app.

This option is not usually recommended!, it is always best to share the link with the player and they can register themselves, but it is interesting to know this option exists. For example, if a player is on his/her way to the Club and you have courts available.

  1. Go to Matches, then select filter at the top right icon, click the option Without players and then on Show results:

2. Then select the match and click on Add court. You will see the following pop-up message and you have to click on Confirm:

3. Now, the system will alert you as follows:

If you click on Confirm, the match will show in the Schedule as unpaid and it will be visible in the app to be paid

The player now can book and in the app and share, if they want, the link via WhatsApp or social media to find more players

🚨 Please remember that if this match has been inserted manually it won't be cancelled automatically if there are not enough players registered!

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