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Before you start organizing your League, please get familiar with the following concepts:

🎾 Team: It is a group of players who play together against other teams.

In padel, a team is usually 2 players.

🎾Group: it is a group of teams which are part of the same league and have a similar level. A league can have more than one group/division. The number of teams within a group can be configured by the club when creating a new League.

🎾Round (“season”): it is the total of games a team within a group have to play before moving up, moving down or staying in the same division. It is very easy to understand if we think, for example, in the Premier League with Manchester City and Arsenal. They only have one showdown, but they have to play twice against each other (this is customizable by each Club)

🎾Showdown: it is the "cross" among one team and another team in the same division, given a round. For example, team A and team B might have only one showdown, but they could play against each other more than once.

🎾Meetings: it is the number of matches every team (team A) in a group is going to play against every other team (team B) within the same round. Currently It is set up by default in the system and cannot be changed.

🎾Match day/match week: is a time range (where every team that belongs to a division) has to play only once against another team.

🎾Matches: is a game between two teams within the same group and round.

🎾Booking: is made for a specific court for either 60, 90 or 120 minutes on a specific date/time.

🎾Position: is the team standings within the league.

🎾Number of teams up: it is the number of teams at the top of the group which is going to be moved up (like an upgrade) to the next higher group within the same category. When a round ends, teams automatically move up/down depending on the point rules configured by the Club.

🎾Number of teams down: it is the number of teams at the bottom of the group which is going to be moved down (like a downgrade) to the next lower group within the same category.

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