How to manage teams in a League

Find out how to add/edit/remove/move a team

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When a League is launched, it is sometimes necessary to carry out some actions with the teams which already signed up. For example:

  • To add one team

  • To edit existing teams

  • To remove those that do not want to be part of the next round

  • To move teams between groups

How to add a new team

If you have to manually add a new team to the League, please click on the 'Add Team' button and look for each player searching by name, email or mobile phone (this option will be disabled if the League is complete)

🚨 Please note that the team will be always added to the round with a 'Next' status.

How to edit a team which is already in a League

To edit a team in the League, please go to the ‘Groups’ tab and click on the team to be changed to any of the registered players.

🚨 Players from a team cannot be edited when the round has already finished

Update a team member of a league match even if the league has already started

No more hassle if one player can't play more due to an illness so a new player replace him/her

Now, when you update a player in a team, you do not need to update any pending matches that have already been created for the future, as the system will do this automatically when you change the player.

* Reminder: played league matches will not be updated

How to remove a team which is already in a League

To remove a team from the League, we must go to the 'Groups' tab, click on the team and press the trash can icon.

🚨 A team can only be removed from a league when the rotation status is in ‘Next’ or ‘Upcoming’ and you have not set the calendar yet

How to move teams between groups

🚨 A team can only be moved when the round status is ‘Upcoming’ and you have not set the calendar yet

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