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How to set up the calendar and start/close a new round in a League
How to set up the calendar and start/close a new round in a League

These are the main steps to start/close a round

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A round is the total of games a team within a group have to play before moving up, moving down or staying in the same division.

Main aspects to be taken into account

Please note that once teams have been confirmed for the ongoing round, no teams can be added except for the next round.

Each League status allows the manager to carry out various actions as follows:

  • Pending: teams will be added for round 1, which is the “next”

  • Open: teams can join the league, as round 1 is in the “next” state

  • Ongoing: all states of rotations are possible

  • Played (finished): all rounds are closed

  • Canceled: if any rotation was played, it is now closed

  • Expired: no rotation will be played

🚨 You can start a new round as soon as you validate that all teams, players and groups are properly set up and after the match configuration is finished

Previous steps to start a new round

1. Rearrange teams into groups (optional)

2. Set the dates of each Match day

3. Start the round by pressing the ‘New Round’ button.

This will automatically create matches based on:

  • The duration of matches (as per match rules previously selected)

  • Defined schedules

  • Courts

  • Time frames of the match days

  • The real-time availability of the facilities

How to set up the Calendar and run a new round

How to close a round

If you need to close a round, please follow the steps as shown below:

Every league has been usually set up to be played during a few months and each round usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks. That way, teams have time enough to play against the rest of the teams within its division, to get points and try to move up for the next round.

For example:

  • League: from September 2nd 2021 (Monday) to May 31st 2022 (Sunday)

  • Rounds: every 4 weeks, so the first round goes from September 2nd to September 29th

  • Match day/Match week: every match day will take place every 7 days, so the first match day for the first round will take from September 2nd to September 8th

🚨 Please remember that the first round will automatically go to the "next" state.

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