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This article explains how the new and improved Reports section work in Playtomic Manager 📑

The main different is that instead of having one single Dashboard with a lot of information regarding different aspects of your Club, you will have 4 subcategories to make the search easier:

Occupation Rate

This Dashboard will answer the question what is my occupation rate?

How the data is managed:

  • We identify the number of courts that have been used in the period (time filter) by considering all courts with at least 1 booking, regardless of it being online/offline/cancelled

  • We consider the day composed by 30min slots (09:00 - 09:30 - 10:00 and so on)

  • For every slot, the maximum capacity of the club will be 1 match on every court

  • If we consider a period longer then 1 week, then we will have more than >1 DOW

  • (DOW = day of the week = Monday, Tuesday etc...)

  • Thus, the final formula for the Max Capacity of a Club for every slot is

🤓 Example:

If my Club has 2 courts, and I'm considering 2 weeks period, then my Max Capacity for a specific slot, say Monday at 10:00 = 2 courts * 2 Mondays = 4

How do we calculate occupation?

We consider each match for its entire duration and we create 30min slots from its start to its end. In this way, we have a logic like the following:

  • Consider a match lasting 90min from 09:00 to 10:30

  • We create the following slots:

    • 09:00 - 09:30

    • 09:30 - 10:00

    • 10:00 - 10:30

  • The occupation algorithm goes through the list of matches, picks up our match and says:

    • I'm at 09:00, is there any match? yes? then +1

    • I'm at 09:30, is there any match? yes? then +1

    • I'm at 10:00, is there any match? yes? then +1

    • I'm at 10:30, is there any match? no? then 0

General Overview

Here we find some high-level indicators of the occupation in the Club(s):

Opening and closing Day/Hour

They are based on valid bookings:

Busiest Days

It shows at a glance which are the days of the week that have more matches.

This is not a rate, it's the unique number of matches played:

Premium Hours

This chart shows, aggregating by time, all the matches that where being played across all days selected in the time filter. For example:

  • If we are considering 1 week, then every column is that time in every day of the week.

  • If we are considering 1 day, then every column is that time on that specific day

Max Capacity

This chart is essential for understanding the rest of the Dashboard. It shows the denominator that will be used to calculate the % for Occupation Rate:

If we consider the data above, we can see that this Club:

  • It has 11 courts with valid matches in the whole month

  • In December, we have the following DOW (days of the week):

    • 4 Mondays

    • 4 Tuesdays

    • 5 Wednesdays

    • 5 Thursdays

    • 5 Fridays

    • 4 Saturdays

    • 4 Sundays

  • Its Max Capacity is:

    • Monday = 11 Courts x 4 DOW = 44

    • Tuesday = 11 Courts x 4 DOW= 44

    • Wednesday = 11 Courts x 5 DOWs = 55

    • Thursday = 11 Courts x 5 DOWs = 55

    • Friday = 11 Courts x 5 DOWs = 55

    • Saturday = 11 Courts x 4 DOWs = 44

    • Sunday = 11 Courts x 4 DOWs = 44

Occupation Rate Trend

It shows the movement of occupation during the whole week, starting from the first slot on Monday and ending up with the last one on Sunday:

Occupation Rate Detail

These two tables have to be read together.

  • On the left we find the occupation in absolute numbers = how many matches where being played in that slot

  • On the right we have the same information but relative to the Max Capacity calculated as seen above, resulting in the real Occupation Rate for that slot:

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