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This article explains how the new and improved Reports section work in Playtomic Manager 📑

The main different is that instead of having one single Dashboard with a lot of information regarding different aspects of your Club, you will have 4 subcategories to make the search easier:

General overview

It gives a general overview of the business in the selected period of time using the filters at the top:

Total Revenues

This is the sum of Online + Offline Revenues

🚨 It will not show the price set up as 0 if you do not save it in the system

1. Offline Revenues

This figure is created by considering all payments that have used one of these methods:

  • OFFER: Only used as payment method, not as purchased item! To purchase them you need to pay online 😉



  • CASH


2. Online Revenues

It will show the fortnight transfer as per our billing cycle. This figure is created by considering all payments methods that are not specified above, including:


  • DEBT

Payment Methods Analysis

In this section we take a look at a deeper level, dividing payments on two key dimensions: Payment Category vs Payment type

1. Payment Category

This is a breakdown of the above aggregated figures, showing only the categories that have been used in the Club(s):

2. Payment type

Here we are showing the played matches dividing them by type of payment, either Single-Payment, Split-Payment (Split + All-Pay) or Multiple (from teams registrations):

Product Analysis

In this section we take a look at what are the trending products. This is connected to the bookings Dashboard and the products.


List of Payments

In this file the essential time-unit is the payment_date:

🚨 If a player didn't pay and there's a debt, we consider debt as Payment Category = Online because we are going to transfer that quota in our billing cycle, together with all online payments.

To download the file, click on the cloud icon on top-right corner of this box and select the file format:

Invoice reconciliation

Managers can now forecast when we'll transfer the money connected to every payment by simply considering the column start_date. This is the rationale:

  • We transfer the money only after the service (match/tournament...) has been provided and the user has played

  • The first billing cycle available (1st or 16th of the month) after the start_date is the day we'll transfer that amount

🤓 Example

In the following screenshot, all payments have been made during the first half of January, but we are going to transfer the money:

  • After Jessica has had her Class on 24/02/22 => on March 1st

  • After Jessica has had her Class on 10/02/22 => on February 16th

  • After Tina has played her Match on 02/02/22 => on February 16th

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