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This article explains how the new and improved Reports section work in Playtomic Manager 📑

The main different is that instead of having one single Dashboard with a lot of information regarding different aspects of your Club, you will have 4 subcategories to make the search easier:

This this Dashboard is divided into 2 different areas with 2 different sources:

  1. General Overview: based on the users coming from payments list (Revenues tab)

  2. Matches Top Users: based on the data coming from matches (Bookings tab

General Overview

In this section we have three figures that are very specific and might create confusion if considered at a high-level, but make much more sense when taking into account a single product (drill-down analysis):

New and Returning Users can't be summed and result in the Total Users because the same person could be a New User for Tournaments but a Returning one for Matches.

The correct way to read this is this:

  • Tot Users: the number of unique users that have purchased something in my Club(s)

  • New Users: people that have purchased / tried a product for the first time

  • Returning Users: people that have purchased / tried a product again

New vs returning Users Timeline

This is the evolution, on a daily basis, of the aggregated figures in the row above

Users by Product

Both pies represent the breakdown of the first-row figures:

Matches Top Users

This table is showing a thorough analysis of the users that are registered to matches, showing in a descending orders all players in the selected period (filter) and the following indicators:

  • Total Matches

    • as the owner: the user has booked the court

    • as the player: the user has registered to an already existing match/booking

    • online

    • offline

  • first match played (do not forget to apply the filter🤓)

  • last match played: gives and indicator of users that have been inactive in a while

  • total payments: online + offline

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