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Player's payment methods

When making a new reservation in the Playtomic app, the player can choose between different payment options, such as credit card or merchant wallet and choose if they want to pay for the whole reservation or split the payment with other players that are added to the reservation. Payment methods may vary depending on the region / country.

Keep in mind that it is not possible to disable online payment

Once payment is registered, the player will receive an automatic confirmation email about the successful reservation.

If payment fails, the reservation won’t be confirmed and no confirmation email is sent: if there is no successful payment there is no confirmed reservation either.

Once the payment is done and reservation confirmed, you will see the reservation in your schedule and it will appear as paid or partly paid, depending if the player has chosen to pay for the whole reservation or split the payment with other players.

When another player is added to a reservation, they can pay their part of the reservation and use the same payment methods as when making a new reservation in the app.

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