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How to create a promotion for Club´s Wallet in Playtomic Manager

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Club Wallet

Playtomic Manager offers you the option to add money to your players’ wallet and even create new wallet offers that the players can buy via the Playtomic app. You can find your wallets under the Customers section in Playtomic Manager. The wallets you create are called Club Wallets, and players can only use them when making reservations or joining activities at your club.

Club’s default wallet

By default, you can find the Club’s default wallet when you start setting up your club. This wallet is very useful in situations where a player does not have to pay for the wallet, as this wallet is not visible in the app if you don’t add online recharge, so the players can’t purchase or recharge it in the app either. You can use this wallet type when you want to compensate a player, as an example.

You can also add new recharges in the Club’s default wallet.

Recharge Club’s default wallet for the first time: Preset recharge type

How to add money to one of your customer’s club Wallet:

  1. Go to the customer’s profile in Customers and open the section Wallets

  2. Click on +Add balance

When adding money to this wallet, you can choose from two different Recharge types. The preset will add one of the amounts already defined in the offer.

  1. Choose the Wallet name, in this case the Club’s default wallet and one of the Recharging options.

  2. The amount, price and description will appear automatically.

  3. You can add a private comment if necessary, and choose if you want to mark this recharge as paid.

  4. Then click on Add balance.

🚨 Note that Mark as paid is a visual option. This means that if you leave it as not paid, the player won’t see this wallet recharge as pending payment in the app, and does not have an option to pay for it in the app either.

Recharge Club’s default wallet for the first time: Custom recharge type

You can also recharge the Club’s default wallet with the preset recharge type.

  1. Go to the customer’s profile in Customers and open the section Wallets

  2. Click on +Add balance

  3. Choose the option Custom

  4. Add an amount and a private comment if needed

  5. You can mark this recharge as paid or not paid, but this won’t affect the player, as previously explained

  6. Then click Add balance

After recharging the Wallet, you will see it in the customer’s profile in Wallets. When dragging your mouse on the text icon on the down right corner, you can see the comment added to each recharge.

Recharge and remove balance in the Club’s default wallet

Add money to your client’s existing Club’s default wallet

  1. Go to the customer’s profile and open Wallets

  2. Click on Recharge in the wallet you want to recharge

  3. Choose the Recharge type. In case of Custom recharge add the amount to be recharged and a comment, and mark as paid if wanted. In case of Preset recharge you will get the preset options for recharge.

  4. Click on Recharge wallet and you’re ready!

Remove balance from your client’s existing Club’s default wallet

  1. Proceed the same way as in the previous case, but instead of adding a positive amount in Amount to add, add a negative value, as in the photo:

2. To finalize the recharge, click Recharge wallet

🚨 Note that negative recharges cannot be marked as paid, and it’s not possible to use the Preset recharge type when removing balance.

After adding/removing balance, you can see all the balance movements in the customer’s Club default wallet.

Create and personalize Club Wallets

The Club´s Wallet or Merchant Wallet is not a product itself, but a method of payment for your customers. It is like a purse that allows the player to accumulate a balance of money within the venue and can be exchanged for different types of products such as reservations, balls, a bottle of water, etc.

Once your customers have purchased or recharge money to their Club Wallet, they can use it only for reservations made for your club. This means that they can make reservations in the app and use the Club Wallet as a payment method. From a billing point of view, Playtomic includes online Club Wallet purchases made for your club in the same payout when Playtomic Wallet purchases were made.

Create a Club Wallet

In order for the user to top-up their Club Wallet, you need to create promotions by following these steps.

Step 1: General information

  1. Go to Customers and click on Wallets

  2. Click on the green icon Wallet Configuration located at the top right

  3. Add the Wallet name (the wallet type is by default as money)

4. Click on Next button

Step 2: Wallet restrictions

At this point, you have to select the Wallet Restrictions from the menu:

  • Sports

  • Activities

  • Courts

When selected, Click on green Next button

Step 3: Time limitations

Now you can customize the time limitations by choosing from the options provided:

  • All day

  • Customize

Step 4: Online recharges

  1. The final optional stage (you can skip this step at this point), is to create an online recharge clicking on the green icon New recharge. Online charge means that after adding one, the players can buy this Wallet in order to use it at your club.

  2. If you want to create an online recharge for your Wallet, you need to complete the following compulsory information.

Recharge name is the name of the wallet the players can see in the app. In Amount to add, put the amount of money players will receive after purchasing the Wallet, and in “Price” the value the Wallet costs for them. The Description for customers is also visible to the players in the app before buying this Wallet. If you have any restrictions in order to use the Wallet, such as only usable for reservations during the weekdays, or in the morning, it’s good to mention them in this section.

Remember that once an Online recharge is added and the Wallet is active, players can see and purchase this Wallet in the app, if your club is active in Playtomic.

Add or remove balance from Club Wallet

You can add and remove balance from your customer’s Club Wallet the same way as you do it with the Club’s default wallet, which is explained earlier in this article.

9. To save all the changes and finish the creation, just click on Add recharge and then on the green Next button.

Once the Wallet is created, you can see it in the Wallets list (Customers > Wallets). You can modify your wallets by clicking on the three dots and update their status (active or inactive) by clicking on the arrow, as shown below.

If you don’t want players to purchase the Wallet in the app, just change the status to Inactive.

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