Pending Payments and Debts

What are pending payments and debts and how do they affect your club?

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Pending Payments and Debts explained

💰 Pending payments: These are generated to the owner of the reservation if any of the other invited players (to split the payment) did not pay their share up to 2 hours after the reservation ends or if the Club did not process a quick pay for one of the players if they chose to pay at the Club.

💰 Debts: These are created automatically if the pending payments are not paid automatically by a credit card that is stored in the Playtomic profile of the owner of the reservation. Debts must be paid off until the player can make another reservation. Debts can be paid by all payment methods, except Club Wallet.


Playtomic assumes the players debts and not the club, so no matter what, you are being paid from us in full, in the next payment cycle. Cancelling a reservation in the back office, will not clear the debt of the player.

If you believe a player has paid a pending payment by mistake (you forgot to quick pay the cash player, the player couldn't find the other players) or a debt has been created by error, please contact Playtomic Support.

Remember that we cannot manually clear debts if they belong to a previous fortnight pay cycle as we have already paid you for it.

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