Split Payment vs Single payment

Let your users choose to only worry about their part

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How many times you or your employees experienced problems in your Club when collecting the amount due for the court?

Players like being able to only pay for their part and to not have to always carry cash with them. 💳

Playtomic Manager provides you with the solution to this annoying problem: now users have the option of booking a court from the app or desktop selecting two payment options, Split Payment and Single Payment, that allows them to pay in advance 👍🏻

With Split Payment, Playtomic Manager will automatically calculate the total amount of the court divided by the number of participants. Consequently, Users will pay only their quota in advance, forgetting about lending money to their friends, taking cash with them or having problems with change.

On the other hand, with Single Payments the User will pay the full amount of the court.

This provides the same benefits as a split payment for both the User and the Club, with the only difference being the fact that one person pays for all the players in advance in one go.

We want to show you the difference between the two options in this short video.

⚠️ In case of Split Payment, remember to mark as paid the other three parts of the reservation (adding the other users, if necessary) within two hours from the end of the match. Viceversa, the main User, who booked the court in the first place, will be charged of the missing payments as he will be considered as the main responsible for the reservation. 

As you will act as first ambassadors of the app, it is also important for you to understand the User perspective. In the following short video, you can see the different options available for Customers; you can appreciate how in the case of reservations in Split Payment, Users are notified two times before confirming the booking about the possibility of being charged by Playtomic if the other players do not pay their share.

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