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TennisBookings stops operations on the 22nd of January 2023

TennisBookings will no longer be operational as of the 22nd of January (we have extended one week from the last communication). This will give you us some extra time to make sure that you can join Playtomic in a smoother way.

Please note that if you don’t act before this deadline, you will lose all your data and will not have any provider after this date, since the system of TennisBookings will officially SHUT DOWN and will no longer be operative.

To help you out with this transition, we have prepared for you a FAQs list:

1️⃣ Do I have to migrate to Playtomic?

It’s not mandatory to migrate to Playtomic, there are a lot of other providers that you can join but we would love for you to become part of the global Playtomic family.

2️⃣ I want to join Playtomic. What do I need to do to move forward?

You must start the self-onboarding process as soon as possible. When you have finalized this process, you will be able to book a one-to-one Q&A session to ensure that all your doubts are answered. However, due to the time limits, we need you to confirm all the compulsory information FIRST. So:

  • you must first complete the onboarding process before scheduling a meeting with the team: this will happen when you see the message "Pending to Go Live" at the top of Playtomic Manager:

  • you must create an account with STRIPE CONNECT (our payment platform provider) in order to select the best pricing plan and receive payments from Playtomic. Read more info below:

3️⃣ What happens if I missed all the Welcome Sessions and I need more information about Playtomic to make this decision.

If you missed it and you would like to explore the options with Playtomic, please see the video below with all the important information:

4️⃣ Why can’t I get a one-to-one meeting first?

There are more than 350 clubs pending to be transitioned from TennisBooking to Playtomic before the 22nd of January. We ask you to carefully read the above instructions for us to assist you and make sure that this process becomes as smooth as possible. If you don’t read and understand the above information, we cannot help you to move forward. However, if you complete the set-up of your club via the link below, you will be able to have a one-to-one session with an onboarding specialist.

5️⃣ How much does Playtomic cost?

We offer different SaaS packages: Standard, Professional, Champion or Master. They have different features and funcionalities included and the total cost depends if you want to pay on a monthly or annual basis. If you would like to receive online transactions, we use Stripe and the fee associated is 3.5% on all online transactions.

Monthly plan

Annual plan

6️⃣ Can I request a Demo Account of Playtomic?

Please note – there is no demo account for you to play around with. If you choose to sign-up with Playtomic, you can enjoy a two-month free trial to use the software will full support. Otherwise, the video above is again the best way to explore what Playtomic can offer you.

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