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Important admin and billing info for Clubs
Important admin and billing info for Clubs
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We know there's a lot of information and we know you have questions so let's help you direct them to the best department at Playtomic!

Firstly, something to remember is that not ALL of your billing related questions need to be asked to our admin support. We'll list below, the times when you need to contact admin.

1. When to contact the Admin Support Team

  • If you need an invoice for a player: please complete this form with all the necessary information

  • If you need a SAAS invoice (Syltek Clubs only): please include the name of your Club and the invoice dates that you need.

    📢 For Playtomic Managers Clubs, you can download it from Billing > Pricing plans > Manage Current Plan > Invoice History

Doubts about the amount paid to you from Playtomic

If you do not agree with an amount received: please, first of all, contact our Customer Care team via chat. They will send your question to the Admin team in case they cannot give you an explanation.

📝 Reminder: you can find your Playtomic Payouts from Playtomic Manager: please go to Manager > Billing> Payouts. You can find two files to download:

  • pdf file: with a summary of the transactions

  • csv file: with a detailed breakdown of all transactions

    👨‍🎓 To know more about how Playtomic invoices work, you can download a detailed presentation from the Billing section in Playtomic Manager:

How Playtomic admin support works

When you email, our Support Specialist Team work hard to provide you support by 📩 email and will respond as quickly as possible.

Remember! By directing the correct inquiry to them, the response time will be faster.


Before you contact our admin team, we recommend searching our Knowledge Base for immediate answers to your questions or contact us via chat 💬 from Syltek or Playtomic Manager

2. When to contact the Customer Care Team

  • Problems logging into your back office (Syltek or Playtomic Manager)

  • Questions about your billing information. Remember that you can always locate your Billing information in Playtomic Manager. Go to the BILLING menu > BILLING INFORMATION.

  • Issues with your Stripe account. FYI - You can also direct these questions to Stripe support.

3. When to contact our Customer Success Team

  • Questions about your signed contract

4. When to contact our Onboarding Team

  • If you want to join Playtomic for the first time

  • If you already have a Club in Playtomic and you want to open a new venue

Additionally, you can find below a list of the most Frequently Asked Question(s) and topics by Clubs:

Playtomic Payments

Payouts are twice a month:

💸 Bookings from the 1st to the 15th of each month: will be paid on the 17th approximately (depending on the bank processes for international transfers)

💸 Bookings from the 16th to the end of each month: will be paid on the 2nd of the following month approximately (depending on the bank processes for international transfers)

📢 Changes from 1st to 15th apply for the first fortnight payment, and changes from 16th to the end of the month apply for the second fortnight payment. These changes would also be considered for the following charge/invoice 📢

To understand what the billing information means:

You are issuing invoices to Playtomic and you should download them and account them (not applicable in Italy)

It is each Club's responsibility to keep your information updated and to be compliant with your legal obligations.

To make billing information changes (both Syltek and Playtomic Manager Clubs):

This is only possible through Playtomic Manager (contact the Customer Care Team via chat if you require further support)

To make sure you understand what VAT means

It is the percentage you are obliged to apply in the invoices issued to Playtomic

And of course, for any other topics that are not mentioned above, please contact us in the live chat from your back office.

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