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We have added an improved coaching section to Playtomic Manager which will give you the opportunity to maximize the classes at your Club.

This new function is to create a new coach and configure the availability and prices for private classes.

Let's see how it works 🎾

1️⃣ First Step: Create the Coach profile

Before creating a class in your venue, you will have to create the coach profile to manage their prices, availability and calendar

Please follow these steps:

  • Click on “Coaches” and then on the +New Coach tab, and a new screen will be displayed:

  • Complete all the necessary information:

  1. Name

  2. Phone

  3. Email

  4. Sports (only tennis and padel)

  5. Short description (limited to 256 characters)

  6. Upload a picture (optional)

  • Click on “Save changes”

  • If you come back to the list and click on the name of the coach you created, you will see 4 new tabs:

2️⃣ Second step: How to manage the Coach availability

This is very similar when creating a price in Playtomic Manager:

  • Select a time and date range from the schedule with the cursor of the mouse and a new screen will be displayed as follows:

You have to select the following information:

  • Sport

  • All courts or customize it (ticking and unticking the desired courts): this is mainly used for clubs which offer different prices for indoor and outdoor classes

  • Add the prices (for the whole class not per player!)

  • Start/end time

  • Days of the week

  • Timed Prices: only activate this option if you want to activate the price for a given time period:

    👨‍🎓 For example:

    • the prices of the classes for summer

    • the availability of the coach (given the same prices) for summer

  • Number of players: the price is set for the whole class, so the club can set different prices depending on the number of players in the private class (from 1 to 4 players)

  • Length of the lesson: if only 1 of the values per row is filled in, this is used as the basis for the rest of the durations. For example, if you fill in €10 for 60', the 90' class would cost €15

3️⃣ Third step: To manage the Coach calendar

📝 The availability tab is where you can configure the availability hours and prices for each coach, while the calendar will be used to see the classes of that coach once they have been scheduled from the "Schedule" menu.

This tab will show 2 types of event at the beginning:

  1. The current bookings with the coach (we are not going to remove them at the moment but we will remove them later on)

  2. The private classes

4️⃣ Fourth Step: To customize Permissions for the Coach

This step is the same as when you add an admin role and you can customize the permissions of the coach in Playtomic Manager:

When a new coach is added, they will receive an email confirming they are now an admin role for the Club (this whole process does not create a new account in Playtomic, only a new user)

📢 IMPORTANT NOTE: only if you have an tenant owner role, you will be able to see and manage the tab permissions for a coach

💬 If you do need assistance, do not worry! You can contact us in the live chat and we will help you 😊

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