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How to add/edit an admin role
How to add/edit an admin role
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Customized Permissions for a Seamless Experience

Unlock the full potential of Playtomic Manager by tailoring permissions for your new administrators. This feature allows you to fine-tune access levels, ensuring each team member has precisely the right level of control.

Navigating the Dashboard

🚨 Attention: Initially, only the first admin role established for the Club can access and navigate the Dashboard section.

Creating a New Admin Role

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Manage Admins > New Admin

    • Dive in and complete the mandatory fields.

Customizing Permissions

Within the Permissions list, simply select or deselect the desired options.

To fully understand all the permissions, please check this article.

⚠️ Before leaving the page, do not forget to click on "Create" to etch these changes into the system's memory.

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