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How to add/edit prices
How to add/edit prices

How to configure your court prices (based on the time and the date)

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Optimize Your Prices with Playtomic Manager

Easily tailor prices for specific days, hours, courts, and users with Playtomic Manager.

Without proper configuration, users may encounter a discouraging message: "You can't book on the selected date." Ensure your Club shines on the app and website.

Customize Your Prices

Take control in the dedicated Pricing section. Navigate to Settings on the left-hand menu, then select Pricing.

Adding a New Price - Step by Step

  1. Head to Settings and navigate to the Pricing section.

  2. Look for a small blue button on the right-hand side, labeled "New Price." Click it to open a new conversation window.

New price button

Choose the Courts

  • Apply the same price to all courts with "Applying for the whole venue."

  • Select specific courts from the dropdown menu for tailored pricing.

Single and Double Court Rates

Activate this option for distinct pricing for single and double courts. The Pricing sub-section adapts accordingly.

Reservation Rules

Refer to this article for an in-depth explanation.

Set Prices for Specific Time Ranges

Select time ranges (60, 90, or 120 minutes) and input corresponding prices.

Date and Time Customization

Define applicable time ranges and days of the week.

This is a perfect tool to customize your prices based on peak times and recurring customers.

Don't Forget to Save

Remember to click the blue "Save" button after making changes to retain all configurations.

Editing Prices

Editing the price of your Club is a breeze! Follow these simple steps to update the price of your courts.

  1. Click on a specific slot on the Schedule or in a row from the Pricing List.

  2. A new window titled "Edit Price" will appear, allowing you to modify details like price, date, and time.

Save Your Changes

Click "Save" to apply the edits you've made.

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