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Take full control on the updates of a reservation

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In this article we will see a very important functionality, especially for the Clubs with a lot of people working in the front-end and dealing with customers.

In Playtomic Manager, a reservation history can be found in two different places:

  • within the same reservation or public match

  • within a specific user panel

1️⃣ From the Reservation History:

  • Click on a specific booking from your Schedule.

  • Click on the third option called Reservation History. Here you can see all the modifications (including payments) done in the reservation (this is automatically updated by the system every time an action is performed by the customer or the Club).

2️⃣ From the User Profile

  • Click on the Customers section from the main left-hand menu

  • Select the name of the player using our searcher and click on it

  • The second option is called "Reservation History". It includes past, future and cancelled reservations

The information will be listed as follows:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Price

  • Reservation Status

  • Payment Status

    You can also find a button called More Information, at the right side, where you can see all the changes recently made:

    If you click on "See on the Calendar" you will be redirected to the specific day when the game was played or will be played:

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