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The most frequently asked questions about our membership feature

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🚨This feature is still in a Beta testing phase and only available for selected clubs🚨The official launch date TBC.

  1. Q: Can the club set a specific date for running the membership payments?

    A: No. Membership payments are automatically run by Stripe on the renewal date and the renewal date is based on when the member subscribes to the membership.

  2. Q: Can the system pro-rate the membership fee?

    A: No. The 1st payment is paid when subscribing, the coming payments date is calculated dynamically based on the subscription date.

  3. Q: Can the club edit the price of an ongoing membership fee

    A: No, the membership price fee can never be edited. They can always create a new membership with a different fee.

  4. Q: Can the club add a player to one membership from Playtomic Manager?

    A: Yes, from the profile of the customer, under Category & Membership

  5. Q: Can the club remove a player from a membership from Playtomic Manager?

    A: Yes, but only immediately removal opting by revoke or revoke and refund.

  6. Q: Can the club set a terminating date for a player from a membership from Playtomic Manager?

    A: No. Only the players can cancel their plans from the app.

  7. Q: If a player cancels their membership from the app, would they be billed on the next renewal date?

    A: No. This renewal date turns into a cancellation date when the player will no longer belong to the membership, but they belong until this cancellation date.

  8. Q: Can the club import users to one membership from Playtomic Manager?

    A: No. Only the players can do so from the app

  9. Q: Can the club edit the frequency of a membership fee once created?

    A: No

  10. Q: Can the club delete a membership fee once created?

    A: No. They cannot delete a membership, but they can change the status from visible to hidden in the Benefits list, so this will no longer be visible for the users who don’t belong to this membership. Keep in mind that the hidden status only prevents new players from enrolling in the membership, as it is hidden in the app.
    It does not terminate the existing subscriptions, and they will renew in the upcoming billing period as usual.

  11. Q: Can the club offer several payment frequencies for the same membership?

    A: No, they cannot. But they can create 2 memberships with the same benefits, one of which will be paid monthly and the other annually.

  12. Q: Where can I check the members into a membership?

    A: In the Customers tab > Categories. Open the membership and find the active members in the Members tab.

  13. Q: Where can I check the membership payments?

    A: In the Payments menu, every membership payment is displayed as soon as it is processed.

  14. Q: How can the players subscribe to a membership?

    A: From the app, the players can subscribe to one membership from the Memberships tab on the club page.

  15. Q: Can a user purchase a membership while belonging to a category?

    A: No, users can only have one group of benefits by club.

  16. Q: Can the user request a partial or a total refund?

    A: Yes, the club manager can only immediately revoke a member from membership and refund the last fee (monthly or annual) payment

  17. Q: Are the memberships going to be sold via

    A: No. they will be only sold via Playtomic App.

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