How to edit recurring reservations

We explain how you can edit and reschedule recurring reservations

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Follow the below steps if you need to edit or reschedule recurring reservations for a player.

How to edit a single reservation

To edit a single reservation, navigate to the Schedule and click on the reservation.

At this point, you can:

  • Select the method of payment (this cannot be undone once is saved)

  • Add or remove a new participant (the owner cannot be removed)

  • Contact players via chat

  • Check the reservation history

How to reschedule a recurring booking

  1. If you want to move a single booking of the current reservation at another time of the same day, you can move it from the Schedule ("drag and drop" option) and the next screen will be shown:

    • If you select This event, it will be modify the selected reservation only.

    • If you select This and following events, it will change the whole series of recurring reservations (applying only to present and future bookings)

    • If there is any discrepancy in the Schedule, the system will alert you with the times overlapping:

      If you select Book only free time, it will be applied to all the bookings except the ones with a conflict. Thus, you will see in the Schedule, the following black spot to highlight the reservation which were not possible to book:

  2. If you want to move a single booking of the current reservation from one day to another, click on the reservation in the schedule, and then click on "reselect" on the top right of the screen.

    This process also applies to normal reservations, for more information, check this article.

How to edit an entire series of recurring reservations

  1. Navigate to the Customers menu, click on the Recurring reservation tab and choose the one you wish to edit.

At this point you can perform the following actions:

  • Change the start/end time and day

  • Change the price

  • Change the title

  • Add/modify notes

How to cancel a single reservation which is part of a recurring reservation

  1. Navigate to the Schedule and select the reservation you want to delete

  2. To cancel it, press the grey trash icon:

* Note: when canceling a single reservation from the Schedule, it will only remove the booking on that day. To delete a whole recurring reservation, please see further down.

Recurring reservations from the Customers section

How to create a new recurring reservation

  1. In the left main menu go to Customers

  2. Open Recurring reservations and click on the blue tab named +Recurring reservation. The next screen will be slightly different to the previous one:

3. Add all the necessary information (title, price, owner, court, start and end time and date, and a day). You either add a client that is in your client database, or create a new profile for the player clicking on the magnifier icon:

4. After completing all the compulsory information, click on Create in order to save the changes.

*Note: there is no option to overbook the courts as the platform will advise you when you are overlapping reservations

How to cancel a whole recurring reservation

  1. Go back to the Recurring reservations list

  2. Click on the reservation to be deleted and then on the grey trash icon situated at the bottom right of the reservation:

3. The system will alert you with the following message, click on Delete to confirm this action:

✅ Even if you cancel a recurring reservation, you can still see all the information in the system. Just return to the Reservation list and select the cancelled one.

Lastly, there are certain particularities to note regarding recurring reservations:

🚨The owner of the booking is not editable and will receive just one initial e-mail confirming the recurring reservation, when a reservation is changed or it is cancelled. The player can still check or cancel a single booking (not the whole series) in the App.

🚨 To change the price of a recurring reservation, you need to go to Customers > Recurring Reservations and click on the selected one from the list (this option doesn't work from the Schedule). The change will affect all current and future bookings which belongs to the series.

🚨To edit the payment method and the other participants, you can only do it from the Schedule on each single reservation.

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