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Playtomic Manager release notes
New releases in Playtomic's leagues
New releases in Playtomic's leagues
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1️⃣ Reschedule a league match from the app

This feature will give more flexibility to players and will avoid issues for organizers

The main improvement is that players will be able to reschedule a league match that was previously set up. You do not have to do anything!, they will be able to see a calendar with the available dates and times at your Club and confirm with the other team the changes through the app.

2️⃣ Update a team member of a league match even if the league has already started

No more hassle if one player can't play more due to an illness so a new player replace him/her

Now, when you update a player in a team, you do not need to update any pending matches that have already been created for the future, as the system will do this automatically when you change the player.

* Reminder: played league matches will not be updated

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