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Playtomic Manager release notes
April release notes in Playtomic Manager
April release notes in Playtomic Manager
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1️⃣ New Schedule improvements in Playtomic Manager

It will help you to manage and save time when using the schedule filters

What are the main changes?

  • Now the header is static, so you can keep seeing the date picker even though they scroll down from the header

  • We have removed the old filters and a low-used button called "Display courts" from the header

  • We added quick sports tabs in the header (it will show only if you got more than one sport configured in the courts)

  • We have added the daily occupancy rate and sum of bookings of the sport selected at the topin the low-right corner of the schedule

2️⃣ New Booking modal now available for desktop version (creation and edition) and mobile version (creation)

It will help you to manage reservations when creating or editing a booking

What are the main improvements?

  • One easily and editable row for each player (including the price and the payment status)

  • In just one click, you can change the payment status for just one player or for the whole booking

  • A new and more detailed message when you "drag and drop" the booking

  • Guest users can be added in every spot

3️⃣ New gender choice on Open Matches

By popular demand, we now allow to chose the gender of an open match

Now Playtomic app users can define and filter the gender when starting an open match selecting between no restiriction (by default), women only or mixed:

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