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How to manage your players payments with Playtomic Manager

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Now you can easily track all paid, pending and archived transactions of your Club through the Payments menu 🎉

The Payments List is broken up into 3 subtabs:

💰Processed: The sum of all paid transactions minus the refunded ones.

💸Pending: The sum of pending transactions. "Voided" transactions in this list refer to cancelled bookings/activities.

📂Archived: Payments older than 6 months are automatically archived, grouped by service date. These lists are available for download.

Payments List Filters

We have new and improved filters which will help you find more specific information about payments to your club.

You will be able to filter payments by the below parameters and you can even apply more than one filter at a time. Keep in mind that you can also choose to filter if the parameter is or is not applicable. For example: Payment method is not wallet.

Filters Explained

➡️Payment date/Service date

Choose from either the Payment date (date of the transaction) or the Service date (date of the booking/activity) and apply your date range.

➡️Payment status

You can decide if you wish to see Paid or Refunded payments or don't apply this filter to see all.


Filter to see payments based on what product the user has paid for.

➡️Payment method

Online: The customer paid in Playtomic.

Onsite: The customer paid you at your club.

Wallet: The customer used the balance in their wallet to pay.

➡️Payment Status

Choose if you wish to see paid or refunded payments.

➡️Onsite payment method

As you can now configure your own Onsite payment method types, you can also apply a filter to see if these were used for any payments.


It is also possible to find payments from a specific customer. Use the person icon below and search by name or email.

Viewing each transaction

By clicking on a paid transaction, you will be able to see a comprehensive analysis of what the payment refers to.

From this screen, you can navigate to Related payments and see all of the other payments associated with this payment id (eg. other players payments if it's a split payment reservation).

Additionally, you can click on Booking and you will be redirected to the booking inside the schedule.

💡If it is a refunded transaction you are viewing, you can also navigate back to the Original payment or Related payments.

🔔 Helpful Tips 🔔

In most cases, the service date and the payment date will be different (unless the player books and plays on the same day).

By clicking on the 3 dots in the top right corner, you can:

  • Download a csv file of all transactions or

  • Update your Onsite Payment Methods settings

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