New Courses feature in Playtomic Manager

Find out how to maximize the courses and single classes at your Club

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Playtomic is continuously changing and improving your experience with the software and we are launching a new and very demanded feature 🙌

To understand all the options available, let's explain first what you can see and organize at your Club:

1️⃣ Private classes

They will be visible for players in the app but they can only be managed and edited at your Club on this first version (players cannot pay, book or cancel a private class yet in the app). This article explains how they work until now.

2️⃣ Public lessons:

They are visible in the app for players to join and pay online. For further info, please follow this article

3️⃣ Courses:

They are a set of classes or series of classes that take place over several months.

In this article below, we explain how they work.

What is changing in Playtomic Manager?

1️⃣ The "Lessons" and "Coaches" tabs have now been moved from your toolbar on the left hand side. Now there is a new one called “Academy”:

2️⃣ "Lessons" have been renamed as "Public classes" (under the "Academy" section):

Within this new Academy tab, you will be able to:

  • Create a course

  • Add/edit/cancel a class

  • Add/remove a player

But no hassle!, please click below and you can find a list of short videos explaining each option

💬 Got any question?, do not worry! 😊 you can contact us in the chat

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