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Playtomic is continuously changing and improving your experience with the software and we are launching a new and very demanded feature 🙌

To understand all the options available, let's explain first what you can organize now regarding lessons and classes in Playtomic Manager:

1️⃣ Private classes

They will be visible for players in the app but they can only be managed and edited at your Club on this first version (players cannot pay, book or cancel a private class yet in the app). This article below explains how they work.

2️⃣ Public lessons:

They are visible in the app for players to join and pay online. For further info, please follow this article

3️⃣ Courses or programs:

They are long term classes of the same group with a similar level in order to train and improve their levels. They normally occurred from September to June (they are only available in Syltek Clubs at the moment but will be soon implemented in Playtomic Manager too 💪)


You will need first to create a profile for the coach and manage the coach´availability, please follow this article for further details.

After you have set up the coach profile, availability and prices, you can make a private class following these steps

  • go to the Schedule and open a reservation as normal

  • at the top right please select “Change type” and then choose the third option called “Private class”:

  • A new window will be opened:

You have to complete the necessary information:

☑️ Coach: you can select it from the drop menu. When you chose a coach,it will show as follows:

✏️ The system is alerting you if a coach is available on that time frame, if they do not have a price set up or if they are busy at that time

☑️ Start/End Time: this is automatically set up with the time frame you have selected but you can edit it if needed

☑️ Court:

☑️ Number of participants: this will determine the price of the class. If you change the number of players as well, the system will recalculate the price for the whole class again 👌

☑️ Price: it is automatically calculated based on the coach time prices so you will find that this field is deactivated and it is not possible to edit it

🔔 If you activate the “Manual price” as above, you can change the price of the private class:

This action will activate the field “Price per person” and you can manually add the new price per person:

☑️ Add Participants: click on the blue tab “+New Participant

A new window will be opened to search and add a new player to the class:

☑️ Mark the Payment method: cash, credit card or Club´s default Wallet* (this last option will show only if the player got balance)

* This wallet is not visible in the app if you don’t add an online recharge, for further information how it works please follow this article

☑️ Private and public notes

The final step is to click on “Update” and then on “Create”. Now the private class will be shown in the Club Schedule and the Coach Calendar 📝


If you have to amend a class, click on it from the Schedule and a new window will be displayed to make the possible changes:

✔️ You can here:

  • Change the date, time and courts using the “Reselect” option:

  • Select a different coach using the drop menu:

  • Change the numbers of players:

  • Manage the participants clicking on the three dots next to each name:

❌ You cannot:

  • Edit the players´ details

  • Change the price

Some tips to remember 👨‍🎓

  • The private classes are entirely managed at your Club, so for example, if the class does not reach the maximum of players, it is still going ahead, so it is the Club´s responsibility to cancel a private class (keep in mind that players can only see the classes in the app but not to book/cancel them)

  • To change the date of a private class already booked, you need to rearrange it from the Club Schedule and not from the Coach Calendar (it behaves as a normal reservation)

💬 If you do not find an answer, do not worry! 😊 you can always contact us in the live chat.

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