Club Membership Feature

Create monthly or yearly memberships for your club and have players purchase them in the Playtomic app

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🚨This feature is still in a Beta testing phase and only available for selected clubs🚨The official launch date TBC.

With the Membership feature, you can establish exclusive memberships that grant players with specific advantages within your club. You have the flexibility to set a monthly or yearly fee, which will be automatically billed to the player according to their purchase date.

Please note that memberships can only be purchased via the Playtomic App.

How to create a new membership

  1. Navigate to the Customers Menu > Categories Tab and click on the button +New Category & Membership.

  2. Select Club Membership and click on next.

  3. Please read the special terms and conditions for the Club Membership Feature carefully. When finished, click on Next.

Configure the benefits for this membership

ℹ️ General information

🎾 Booking privileges

💳 Membership Price and Payment Frequency

💰 Pricing Type

There are 2 options to choose from. Please note that this cannot be changed once it is saved.

Simple pricing:

  • Offer type: there are 4 different ways to apply special pricing for the members into a user category:

    • Amount discount

    • Percentage discount

    • Price per hour

    • Price for all bookings

  • Value: the value related to the offer type

  • Round to the nearest euro: enabling this, the system rounds the final price. It can not be used for “Price for all bookings” option.

  • Courts: the only courts where this discount will apply

  • Days: the only days when this discount will apply

  • Time limitations:

    • Star date & End date: in case the manager wants the discount applying only into a dates range

    • Star time & End time: in case the manager wants the discount applying only into a time range

Advanced pricing:

If you would like to set different rules by day and time, it allows you to overwrite the prices of the already defined prices. We recommend checking the general prices from Settings > Pricing before setting the advance prices for the categories.

4. Click on Next/Create to save all the information.

The following message will be displayed to confirm you have created a new membership.

If you return to the Category list, you will be able to see a new membership highlighted in green.

IMPORTANT! To make the membership active for purchase in Playtomic, open the Membership and change the status to Visible. You will be prompted to confirm.

After the Membership becomes visible, players have the option to buy it from the Membership tab located on your Clubs page within the Playtomic app.


  • The player can only purchase the membership from the Playtomic app. You cannot add a player to the membership.

  • The player can cancel the membership at anytime from the Playtomic app.

  • You are able to revoke the membership at anytime from the customers profile in Playtomic Manager.

  • How to refund a revoked membership:
    1. You can do it manually at the club (Cash or Club Wallet).
    2. Contact Playtomic Customer Care via the chat and we can do the refund.
    3. No refund at all. This is ultimately up to you.

  • Once a membership is cancelled, it will remain active until reaching the subscription date.

Find out more in the Membership FAQ's article.

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