How the Club Ranking works 🏅
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It is a ranking within each Club. The points that players get for matches and reservations played in your venue. It has no dates, it is continuous and the points are not reset.

The only difference is that players get points for playing tournaments at that club:

  • Points for playing as a guest to reserve owner: +10. These points are obtained as soon as the game is played

  • Victory Points: +100

  • Points for sets won: +25 point

  • Extra boost for earning higher rankings - if one team beats another with higher scores there is an extra reward.

  • Points for playing a tournament: +25 points

Where to check your Club Ranking

Really easy! Just go to the Playtomic Display in Playtomic Manager.

You can find it in Reports > click on the TV icon on the right hand side:

And the right column will show you the top players at your Club:

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