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General Rules to modify a reservation
General Rules to modify a reservation

Find out what you can do and cannot do with a existing booking in Playtomic Manager

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General information

☑️ Reservations with split payment can be updated up to a maximum of two hours after the end of the reservation or match itself.

☑️ Reservations manually booked at your Club (with at least with one payment provided) can be updated until midnight of the day of the booking.

☑️ The only reservations that can be modified afterwards are manual bookings made at the Club and without any payment included as the fees will be enterely paid at your venue

Allowed modifications for a manager

☑️ Date and time of the reservation: by extending the time of the reservation with the drag and drop option so the price can be also automatically updated. Using the"Reselect" button (inside the reservation details) you can move the booking to another date and court.

☑️ Court: move the reservation to another court.

☑️ Mark the collected payment

☑️ Add players in both single and split payment modes ( please remember that in single payment it doesn't update the price per the single fee)

☑️ Add a note: private notes are visible for internal use only and public notes will be displayed to players.

☑️ Chat: you can send messages to players to send communications

☑️ Delete Players except the owner of the reservation: to delete the owner you must cancel the whole reservation making sure that none of the other participants have paid online!

What a Manager cannot modify

Match amount: the only solution is to cancel the reservation making sure none of the other participants have paid online, otherwise they would be refunded in the same form of payment.

Swap Players in teams: the user can modify the teams directly from the App.

🚨 Note: users always receive email updates on changes and notifications in App if using Chat.

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