Onsite Payment Methods
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This new feature allows you to create customizable payment methods and use it to mark each manual booking as paid at your Club´s reception! 💰

We have created by default (always enabled) two options:

  • Credit Card

  • Cash

But you can create as many as you need!, for example: Bizum, transfer, etc.

How to create a new onsite payment method

1️⃣ Go to Settings and click on Onsite payment methods

2️⃣ Click on the blue button at the top right corner +New payment method

3️⃣ A new screen will be open as follows:

4️⃣ You can manually type the payment method in the field "set name": for example transfer

5️⃣ Click on the status: enabled (to activate it now) or disabled (to activate it later)

6️⃣ Do not forget to click on the blue button Add payment method to save all the changes!

7️⃣ Now you can select the new payment method to mark as paid in any booking/match at your Club:

If you have any questions or doubts, do not worry! 😊 you can contact us via live chat 💬

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