How to cancel a reservation

Get to know how to refund your Customers if they can't play

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It is important for Clubs to know how to proceed with the cancellation of a reservation requested by a customer.

First, customers can autonomously cancel their reservation if they don't exceed the cancellation time fixed by you. If this limit was already overtaken, they must contact you directly to cancel their bookings.

The cancellation of a reservation which exceeds the cancellation limit is at you Club discretion, but there are common situations where a refund is usually honored:

  • Hostile weather conditions

  • Injuries or illness

How to cancel a reservation

The flow of actions to be performed is really easy. Just locate the reservation within the Schedule, tap on it and then click on the grey basket at the bottom right corner of the screen.

If a part or the whole price of the court has been already paid, the platform will generate the following warning message:

🚨 If the player paid his part online, he will be automatically refunded on the same payment method he has used. Please note, it would be necessary to highlight him that refunds can take 2 to 10 business days, depending on the player´s bank.

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