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How to add/edit/delete Holidays
How to add/edit/delete Holidays

Block the agenda from online reservations in advance

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In this article we will see how to set up a holiday period and consequently how to block your Schedule from online reservations.

How to add a holiday

  1. In order to add a holiday, click on the Settings section (from the left-hand menu), and then select the Holidays box:

2. You will see, on the top right of the screen, a green button called New holiday, if you click on it, a new conversation window will be displayed. It's the time to fill all the details related to your holiday, for example:

  • name

  • start/end time and date

  • if applying only for a specific court or the whole Club.

3. Once edited, click on the button Create in the bottom left corner to save all the changes recently made.

How to edit a holiday

  1. To edit a holiday, click on the single row displayed from the Holidays' list.

2. The window we saw before will be displayed again, this time with the title "Manage Holiday".

4. Once you have modified any of the new details, you just have to click the button Save at the bottom left corner.

How to delete a holiday

The procedure to delete a holiday is quite similar to the previous one.

In this case you should:

  1. Click on a single holiday previously registered in the system

  2. Click on the grey basket located at the bottom right of the conversation window called "Manage Holiday" (see screen above).

  3. Click on the grey trash icon on the bottom right:

Then you will be asked to confirm if you want to delete it permanently:

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