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Opening hours, colors and the “hover” in the Calendar
Opening hours, colors and the “hover” in the Calendar

Learn how to properly set the heart of Playtomic Manager

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In this article, we will go more deeply into the functions in the Schedule.

How to set the calendar hours

The information provided in this first section will have a direct impact on the format of the Schedule which is shown in the main overview page.

When the Club is closed, the times will be highlighted with a light blue colour, while the opening hours will be characterised by a striped visualisation (in order to easily find the spot you want to book).

How to personalise reservations with specific colours

Playtomic Manager offers you the possibility to fill your agenda with different kind of items: reservations, public matches, lessons, tournaments and leagues. Additionally, you can customize it assigning them a specific colour to each option.

These four categories are shown by default, but you can add as many as you want; just click on the green button Add color, select the category from the drop-down menu and then assign it to a certain colour.

Another possibility is to assign a colour to a player who is already registered in your database.

How to activate the hover

What do we mean with the hover? Clicking the box below, you would be able to see the basic information of a reservation (moving your mouse on top of the Schedule reservations):

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