Schedule view: days and filters

Take full advantage of the Schedule's interface!

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The Schedule is the heart of Playtomic Manager. This is where you can have a clear overview about how many reservations should be managed during the day, and which courts or hours need an extra boost from specific activities performed by your Club.

An empty schedule will look like the above photo and on the top right hand corner you will see two icons:

  • Date/Day

  • Filter

The date/day icon, is where you can select the date you want to look at:

Icons 1 and 2 allow you to move from one day to the previous or the next one, while icons 3 and 4 are useful to have a look at the same day of the previous or next week.

The filter icon above helps you to display the reservations filtering per Sport (Padel, Tennis, Football, etc.) or Surface (Indoor, Outdoor, Single, Double, etc).

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