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In order to process online payments, Playtomic partners with Stripe, a recognized company who primarily offers payment processing software and application programming interfaces for e-commerce websites.

As monitoring the payments and refunds for players and Clubs is essential, we need a platform that allow us to constantly check money flows from both directions: this is why it is mandatory for your Club to create a Stripe account; in this way, your Club will be able to receive transfer banks from Playtomic every 15 days.

😉 Don't worry if you are missing information, all the provided data could be updated in a second moment without any problem. 

1️⃣ You will be requested to enter a mobile phone number (not a land line, because you are going to receive a text message) and an e-mail address; in the following screen you will have to answer the six-digits verification code you received at your phone number.

2️⃣ Stripe needs details on your company: country where it was settled and type of business (Individual, Company, No Profit). In the last two cases you should also select a Business Structure (ex. Private company).

3️⃣ Now is the time to indicate your Company Name, your Registration Number (this item varies from country to country, but don't worry Stripe gives you more details), registered business address and website.

4️⃣ Stripe requires details on the Owners of the company, who should be a person who owns at least the 25% of the business and makes part of the Managing Board. In particular following information are required:

  • Name and Family Name

  • Birthdate

  • Address

If your company has more than one Owner, data of each one of them should be provided.

To conclude, last information needed is the bank account number (IBAN), in order to know where to forward the online payments received on Playtomic's app from final Users on a bi-weekly basis.

Finally, a resume of the inserted information will be provided, you just need to click on the green button Next to finalize the process.

⚠️ In some cases, Stripe could request an additional verification on the information provided about the Owner or the address of the Club. Emails have the same structure of the image below. In this case, a simple identification document or a water bill would be worth to complete the process. 

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