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Brief introduction to Playtomic Manager
Brief introduction to Playtomic Manager

The perfect place to start and learn the basics of Playtomic Manager

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Playtomic Manager is the #1 software for sports Clubs. Our platform is designed to help and manage better your Venue 🚀🎾

In detail, Playtomic Manager can help you:

☑️ Handling incoming reservations, both online and offline

☑️ Implementing online payments for your Club

☑️ Creating activities like public Matches, Lessons and Tournaments to optimize your revenue and fill up the slots available on your calendar

☑️ Talking with your Users through the Chat function

☑️ Managing your Customers base, creating new users and linking them to specific Wallets that they can employ to book online

☑️ Reviewing Court performances and online revenues thanks to the sections known as Dashboard and Billing

☑️ Assigning roles to your staff, they could be either view sections of Playtomic Manager or edit them

📘 Getting started guide 📘

💡 Note: In order to activate a Playtomic Manager user, we need you to provide us with the email you are registered in Playtomic, as a player. If you don't have a user in Playtomic yet, you must register with us.

💬 If you do not find an answer, do not worry, you can always contact us in our support chat.

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