How to import Club or merchant Wallets

How to import Merchant or Club Wallet balances?

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The first thing that we must take into consideration when importing Club’s Wallets into Playtomic Manager is that Customers and Wallets must be created in the system beforehand.

If you need to review this, you can click here or here

The second thing to consider when importing a Wallet balance is that the file format required is CSV (Comma-Separated Values).

You can see below the essential information you will to provide and the parameters to be aware of:

  • email*: user email.

  • wallet_name*: the wallet must be already created into the software before importing the balance to a user and it must match the exact name of it.

  • wallet_balance*: balance that we want to import. Here we should consider a couple of things:

    • The decimal separator must be a comma (,) not a dot (.)

    • What is really imported are Merchant Wallet movements, therefore we can import corrective movements on user Wallets that already exist in the system.

🚨 NOTE: those fields marked with an * above are mandatory ones and negative balances cannot be imported.

Here you can see a short video how to import a Single Wallet:

Or a Multiple Wallet:

⚠️ When the import is finished, the system will alert you if you have downloaded an incorrect field. For example, if you go back to the Imports list, you might see this message below:

To check what the error is about simply click on the right icon Download error rows and you will see a comment as follows:

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