How to create/edit a user category

User categories - creation and edition

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Going through Customers > Categories the managers can create and edit categories. We could split this process into 3 different topics:

  • General information

    • The category name

    • The expiration date (optional): it calculates the expiration date for every member based on the duration (where the manager can select among days, months and years) and the value.

    • Bookings privileges: they apply to the bookings and matches

      • Booking ahead (days): it will overwrite the default settings

      • Maximum bookings/day: it will limit the bookings and matches per day for the members.

      • Number of active bookings: it will limit the bookings and matches within the booking ahead days for the members.

      • Cancellation policy (hours): it will overwrite the default settings

  • Pricing: here we find 2 options that cannot be changed once it’s saved:

    • Simple pricing:

      • Offer type: there 4 different ways to apply special pricing for the members into a user category:

        • Amount discount

        • Percentage discount

        • Price per hour

        • Price for all bookings

      • Value: the value related to the offer type

      • Round to the nearest euro: enabling this the system rounds the final price. It can not be used for “Price for all bookings” option

      • Courts: the only courts where this discount will apply

      • Days: the only days when this discount will apply

      • Time limitations:

        • Star date & End date: in case the manager wants the discount applying only into a dates range

        • Star time & End time: in case the manager wants the discount applying only into a time range

    • Advanced pricing: in case the club needs to set different rules by day and time. It will allow the manager to overwrite the prices for the already defined prices, so it is highly recommended to check the general prices from Settings > Pricing before setting the advance prices for the categories.

  • Members: from here the manager can add members to this category if the user hasn’t any yet.

For the edition flow we should take into account that:

  • If the manager changes the expiration settings it won’t impact on the members who already belong to the category but for the new ones.

If the manager opts by simple pricing they can not change the pricing option to advance pricing later and vice versa.

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