How to Create a Tournament

How to create a tournament in Playtomic Manager

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To create a tournament in Playtomic Manager, please follow these steps:

1️⃣ Click on Tournaments and the on the blue button +New Tournament

2️⃣ Complete the tournament information:

General rules to take into consideration when completing the tournament information:

  • Level restriction:

    • if you select YES: only players with that level will be targeted and will be able to join

    • if you choose NO: it will only be an informative field and all players of all levels can sign in

  • Visibility:

    • Public: any Playtomic player can join

    • Private: only players you have invited can sign in

  • Price: per inscription per team (not per player)

  • Enrollment type:

    • Single: a team of 1 player

    • Double: a team of 2 players

  • Registration deadline: it is very important to decide when to stop acception inscriptions because the date is passed, this cannot be reverted

3️⃣ Click on Next and complete the Additional information:

📜 Bullet 1 and bullet 2 fields can be used to highlight something relevant which makes the tournament special 📜

* The ideal size for a image would be 1142 × 1600

4️⃣ Click on Confirm to save all the information

How to make changes in the tournament

When you create a tournament you can select it from the list and you will see 4 new tabs:

General and additional information tabs

It can be changed only BEFORE the registration deadline is finished:

  • Name

  • Price

  • Start/end date

  • Registration deadline (only before it is ending!)

  • Gender

  • Enrollment type

  • Level restrictions

  • Visibility

  • Minimum and maximum of players

  • Additional information

Players Tab

You can here:

  • find the basic information regarding the players: who signed in, along with their contact information

  • invite players: simply click on “invite a player” and then search for the player by name or email

    ⚠️ If you invite players they will not be automatically charged within the app and payment must be worked out internally between the club and player

  • delete players: click on the 3 dots next to the player´s name and then on "delete player"

Chat Tab

You can communicate here with all the players sending a message and they will receive a push notification in the app to read it 🙌

📢 We have added a chat+players shortcut in the list because this is the most used feature to manage a tournament📢

How to cancel a tournament

Please go to the tournament menu list, click on on the 3 dots and then on "Cancel Tournament":

🚨 Important information to remember 🚨

  • The creation of a tournament doesn't book the court in the schedule, so you need to reserve the court manually

  • Only online payment methods are accepted: payment at the club is not available (if you are lacking any form of online payment, please let us know and we will configure it for you)

  • Further changes cannot be performed once the registration deadline has passed (including cancelling the tournament)

Tournaments will cancel automatically if the number of players registered does not reach the minimum by the registration deadline.

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