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Bulk mailings from Syltek (update)
How to send the email "Acceptance of privacy policy and commercial communications"
Playtomic Back OfficeHow you as a club can use the Playtomic Back Office
Playtomic AppHow players can use Playtomic App?
How to block a user (App only)How can a player block an user?
Update court configurationHow to change the court configuration from double to single, outdoor to roofed etc
Playtomic ManagerHow can clubs use Playtomic Manager?
Improvements in the GDPR register
Privacy policy reminder
InvoicingHow to make the invoices
Place a limit/rule on a voucherHow to place a limit or a rule on a voucher
How to see in a listing the associations between clients
Co-RegistrationHow co-registration between Playtomic and Syltek works.
How to modify the Cash Drawer opening/closing movements.
How to share the ''I'm in'' partner on WhatsApp
Pay a reservationWith Quick Payment or from the POS
Programmable task Booking reminder by email / SMS
Reservations history
Cancel a reservation
How to make a free reservation
Modify the priceModifying the price of a service
Customize the price of reservations for specific client type
Customize the price of the reservations for a specific client typeApply prices for members, students etc
How to edit the price in a sale
How to know the price of a reservationFinding prices for a service
Assign a product to a reservation type
Create a Reservation TypeHow to create a new reservation type
Create multiple reservations
Add new reservations to an existing multiple reservation
Multiple ReservationsHow to edit and cancel multiple reservation
Recover a removed multiple reservation
Delete a multiple reservation
Cancel the reservations of a multiple reservation (Syltek)
How to modify a multiple reservation
Extend the due date of an existing multiple reservation
How to import clients in Syltek
How to update clients
Client StatusIdentify and apply the correct client status
Difference between removed, unsubscribed and blocked customer
What is the utility of associating a client with another
How to take a picture from the client's profile
How to recover a removed client
Normalize styles in the customer databaseHow to create a uniform text style in the database
How to view the clients associated to a client
How to add a client's bank account in their profile
How to avoid that a client books online
How to upload a file to a client's profile
Cancel a customerCancel a customer immediately or schedule the withdrawal
How to associate clients
Required fields for the registration of a new client
How to create a new client typeCreating a new client type
See all the client types a customer has had
Changes of client type and associated fees
How to set up a client type for unsubscribed clients
Schedule a change of client type
How to cancel scheduled client type change
Programmable task Change customer type by age
How to top up a voucher from the client's zone
Bonus refills as pending payment
Refill a voucher to a customerHow to place vouchers on customers files
Top up a voucher from the client's zone
Programmable task Top up fixed amount for a voucher by type of customer
How to cancel a voucher top up
How to pay with a voucher from the client's zone
Why can't a client pay with his voucher?
General functioning of the voucher system
Regularize the balance of a voucherHow to balance a voucher to the correct amount
Promotional refill of the voucher
Transfer voucher balance from one client to another
Create a promotion for Club's Wallet in PlaytomicHow to create a promotion for players to recharge their club's wallet
How to charge a client from another client's voucher
I cannot pay with a voucherReasons why payment with a voucher might not be working
Task Remind amount of balance by email / SMS
Hardware - Door, Keypad and Lights (Syltek only)How you can manage the hardware from the back office
Set a default filter in a listing
Save a filter as a listing
Show more columns in a listing
How to use the filters
How to search for anything
How to perform a vertical search
How to remove a user
What to do if the email and password field is auto-completed with mine
Roles (Syltek)User roles in administration
Export a PDF (Syltek)How to export listings to PDF
How to put a listing as favourite
How to change the occupation size
How to create a new user (Syltek)
Courtesy time in the automatic switch off/on of the lights.How to customize the minutes before and after the reservation that we give of courtesy
Court size 1 VS 1How change the size court
How to customize menus by role (Syltek)
Custom fields
How to create the venue facilities/courts/fieldsIn this article we will show you a basic part of the configuration, which is how to create facilities. Also known as courts/fields.
Configuration - Families and SubfamiliesHow to create families and sub-families in the back office.
How to create a service type product
How to create a fee type product
How to create an Item type productAdding products to your back office
How to change the DNS
Change e-mail signature