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Bulk mailings from Syltek (update)
How to send the email "Acceptance of privacy policy and commercial communications"
Playtomic Back Office
Playtomic App
How to block a user (App only)
Update court configuration
Playtomic Manager
Improvements in the GDPR register
Privacy policy reminder
Place a limit/rule on a voucher
How to see in a listing the associations between clients
How to modify the Cash Drawer opening/closing movements.
How to share the ''I'm in'' partner on WhatsApp
Pay a reservation
Programmable task Booking reminder by email / SMS
Reservations history
How to import clients in Syltek
How to update clients
Client Status
Difference between removed, unsubscribed and blocked customer
What is the utility of associating a client with another
How to take a picture from the client's profile
How to recover a removed client
Normalize styles in the customer database
How to view the clients associated to a client
How to add a client's bank account in their profile
How to avoid that a client books online
How to upload a file to a client's profile
Cancel a customer
How to associate clients
Required fields for the registration of a new client
How to create a new client type
See all the client types a customer has had
Changes of client type and associated fees
How to set up a client type for unsubscribed clients
Schedule a change of client type
How to cancel scheduled client type change
Programmable task Change customer type by age