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Playtomic Manager release notes
December's release notes in Playtomic Manager
December's release notes in Playtomic Manager
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1️⃣ Copy a Course

No more hassle—duplicate an existing course effortlessly with just a click using our new feature

🚨 When copying a course, the creation flow opens with prefilled fields (e.g., name, price, etc.). However, participants and classes are not duplicated, similar to how tournaments and leagues function.

💡 Adopt a best practice of creating courses explicitly designed as templates, such as "Course with 2 participants 1x per week," for easy duplication when initiating new instances.

2️⃣ Private Classes on Mobile Device

Manage private classes on your mobile device—no need for a desktop!

3️⃣ Custom prices for Courses

Establish prices based on user categories or memberships

💡 When enrolling new players, choose from 2 pricing options:

  • Automatic: Prices adjust based on category/membership. Invoices are not editable; the system automatically updates for changes.

  • Manual: Set custom prices and have the flexibility to edit invoices for future adjustments.

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