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Manage and record your onsite product sales in Playtomic Manager

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It is now possible to sell products at the reception, associate them with categories and subcategories of products pre-established in the system, establish the gross sales price, the associated VAT and whether it is an active product or not.


From the POS, you are able to initiate two actions:

Process a sale of a pre-determined product/s.

  1. Select a product/s.

  2. Add the quantity.

  3. Click on Pay and choose the payment method.

View the Sales History

In the Sales History screen, you can view a list of sales. By default, sales (both paid and returned) of the current day are displayed, however date filters can be applied.

By selecting a specific sale to view, you can find information related to the registration of the sale in the system, such as:

  • Total amount of the sale.

  • The registration date.

  • The user who carried out the operation.

  • The payment method selected.

  • The names of the products sold, the quantity of each one and its price.

From the sale detail screen, you can also cancel and refund a registered and paid sale.

Please note that this is the first version of our Store feature release. Subsequent updates with enhanced features are due for release in the forthcoming months.

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