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Playtomic Manager release notes
September New Releases in Playtomic Manager
September New Releases in Playtomic Manager
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1️⃣ Recurring bookings are now Recurring Series

A straightforward method to monitor all your bookings in Playtomic Manager under one list

We replaced the previous list of recurring bookings to create a more seamless and user-friendly experience. Have you taken note of the key modifications?:

  • Recurring bookings are now called Recurring Series

  • They are no longer under the Customer Tab Manu but all together under the new Booking List menu

2️⃣Adding participants in recurring series

Efficient participant management for recurring series

Experience streamlined participant management for your recurring series:

  • Including participants while setting up the series

  • Efficiently overseeing added participants in recurring series

3️⃣ Introducing the new filter in the Bookings List

A straightforward method to monitor all user´s bookings in Playtomic Manager

Last month, we introduced a dedicated menu that lists every booking type (regular bookings, recurring series, Open Matches, league matches, private classes, and course classes). Now you can filter by user name, check it out!

4️⃣ New player profile (App)

As per popular request, we have enhanced the new look of the player profile

Players will get to enjoy easy access to important information through improved app navigation. Encourage them to test it out and they won't be disappointed.

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