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Playtomic Manager release notes
August New Releases in Playtomic Manager
August New Releases in Playtomic Manager
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1️⃣ Introducing the New Bookings List

A straightforward method to monitor all your bookings in Playtomic Manager

We have introduced a dedicated menu that lists every booking type (regular bookings, recurring bookings, Open Matches, league matches, private classes, and course classes):

  • Easily track bookings with counts and hours (tooltip on hover)

  • Quick access to vital details like playing date, duration, participants, court, type, origin, sport, and status.

  • Flexible filters for service date, creation date, sport, booking, and origin.

  • Replaced old recurring bookings list for a smoother, user-friendly experience.

2️⃣ All-new process for setting up Private Classes

Streamlined and hassle-free, creating private classes has never been easier!

We've added a new user-friendly flow to create private classes straight from the Private Classes list! You will spot the new Call-to-Action (CTA) at the top-right corner – just click it, and you'll be redirected to the schedule where you can effortlessly set up your class in no time!

3️⃣ The ultimate player flexibility in Open Matches

No more limitations for players in the app! Now, they have the power to switch their votes (Accepted or Refused) for Open Matches

Now players can change their vote (Accepted or Refused) without any limitations, as long as it's within the time limit, the accepted players haven't paid yet, and there are available spots.

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