Recurring online payments for courses

Users have the ability to make regular online payments for courses using an automatic payment functionality

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Starting from now, course participants have the convenience of automatic monthly payments for their course fees 🦾

Recurring online payments

From the Playtomic Manager side, you need to:

  1. Create a course

  2. Go to the participants section and click on add participant

💡 Once you add a player, they will be notified to subscribe to the course in the Playtomic App. By adding their payment information, the course bills will be paid automatically on the first day of every month.

How to check the payments of a user

  1. Navigate to the participants section of the course.

  2. Click on a specific participant, and under the Billing tab, you will see all the payments for every month.

The subscription will automatically stop when the course ends.


  • When is the participant charged?

    • Automatic payments occur on the first day of each month at 8am.

  • Can the participant make an onsite payment?

    • Yes, if the participant does not add a credit card in the app, they can pay every month at the club, and the club will mark it as paid onsite.

  • If a player has an active online subscription, can they make an onsite payment?

    • No, a participant with an active online subscription cannot pay for future months onsite. However, they can pay for past due months or failed payments onsite.

  • What payment methods can be used for the subscription?

    • Credit or debit card.

  • Can the club issue refunds for fees paid online?

    • No, the system does not allow for refunds of fees paid online. The club will have to provide the refund manually.

  • If the course starts in the future, when will the first fee be charged to the participant?

    • The first fee will be charged when the participant adds the credit card.

  • If the course has already started, when will the participant be charged?

    • The participant will be charged for the current month when they add the credit card.

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