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How to integrate and configure your hardware with Playtomic Manager
How to integrate and configure your hardware with Playtomic Manager

How you can configure your hardware from the start or add new courts to your current integration

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Whether you are setting it up for the first time or you have a new court that you need to add to your current configuration, the steps are the same ⬇️

❗Before you begin, you must be ONSITE at your club and be sure to have the API token ready (obtained from your provider)❗

Steps to integrate your hardware with Playtomic Manager

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu and then Integrations.

    🚨If you already have hardware configured and you wish to add a new court to the configuration, select the integration you have and delete from the top right corner and continue with the next steps.

  2. Go to the Connect New tab and select your chosen provider. In the integration wizard, copy and paste your API token in the empty field and click on Next.

  3. You can now bind the courts with the information that your provider has configured. Using the dropdown menu, connect your courts to each one of the providers courts.

    🚨If you don't have lights and only a keypad for the door, you can skip this step🚨

  4. You now need to verify the connection with the lights. One by one click on each "turn on" button and check if the lights have turned on. If they turn on, check the box as done and continue with the rest of the courts.

    🚨If you don't have a keypad and only lights you can skip this step🚨

  5. Now you need to create a 4 digit code to pair the court with the installed keypad. Put a code of your choice and click on Send. Go to the keypad and see if the code opens the door. If it does, check the box as done, continue with the rest of the courts and click on Next.

  6. Now set the rules that apply to all the access codes of your venue. Specify how much time before and after the codes should be active. Once completed, click on Next.

  7. Complete the same but for the light control. Suggest how long before the reservation starts and how long after it ends, you want the lights to be on and then click on Next.

Congratulations! Your integration is now complete!

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