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Playtomic Manager release notes
July release notes in Playtomic Manager
July release notes in Playtomic Manager
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1️⃣ Export the coach activity in a CSV document

The objective of this enhancement is to offer you a streamlined and user-friendly method for overseeing and examining coach activity

We added a new feature that lets clubs export coach activity in CSV format for payment tracking. To use it, go to the coach list, click the menu next to the desired coach, and select “Export Coach Activity.” Choose a date range of up to 60 days.

2️⃣ Reschedule recurring bookings on the Schedule

This improvement provides you with greater flexibility and control over your recurring bookings

We've improved recurring bookings by adding the option to “Reschedule bookings.” Now, you can easily modify or update a recurring series by selecting specific dates on the calendar. You can also extend the finishing date of the recurring booking series.

3️⃣ Recurring booking alerts when changing dates

We believe this refinement will greatly improve your user experience and prevent any unintended cancellations

We've addressed a previous issue when editing recurring bookings. Now, when reducing the date range of the series, you will receive a clear alert about canceled bookings before taking any action. This ensures full awareness of the consequences of making any changes.

4️⃣ Name sorting for your customer list

This development aims to streamline your customer management process and provide a more intuitive and efficient user experience

We've updated the customer list for a consistent and visually appealing experience, aligned with the payments list. It also includes alphabetical sorting by default for easier navigation. You can manually sort the list based on your preferences.

5️⃣ Advanced sorting feature for Academies, Leagues, and Tournaments

With this latest update, you have the ability to sort your items based on various criteria, allowing for more efficient management and organization

Our new sorting feature allows you to arrange items based on various criteria, including:

  • Name: Alphabetically or custom order

  • Start date: Easy scheduling based on start dates

  • End date: Better visibility and planning for upcoming events

  • Sport: Categorization for easier navigation

  • Coach in Private Classes: Filter items by assigned coach for accurate tracking

We hope you find these updates valuable, and they contribute to your overall satisfaction with our platform!

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