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Comparing the Payments List and the Self Invoice
Comparing the Payments List and the Self Invoice

How to compare amounts you see on the payments list versus what you see on the self invoice of your payouts

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What is the Payments List?

The Payments menu in Playtomic Manager is a live list that tracks all paid and pending transactions made by players for all of the activity at your Club (bookings, activities, wallets etc). This list reflects changes in real time. Read more about it here.

What is the Self Invoice?

The Self Invoice (Auto Invoice) is an invoice that is generated after every payment cycle. The amount you see is based on the service date (when the product or service is provided). The invoice details all money amounts Playtomic has paid to you, for all the activity of the Club that was sold through the platform in the name and on behalf of the Club during said payment cycle. You can read more about it here.

What is the difference?

We can compare the two, considering this concept:

📽️The Payments List is a movie. It shows how live payments and refunds are changing continuously as bookings are reserved, cancelled, activities are created, players are joining and leaving activities and buying the Club Wallet. It also shows all types of payments: online, offline and payments made with wallet.

📷The Self Invoice is a picture. It is captured twice a month. It captures the payments as they stand at the end of each pay cycle. The pay cycle closes at this point and we make the payout to you based on this amount.

How to compare the Payments List with the Self Invoice

The most important thing to remember when checking the Payments List; it has FILTERS.

Below we explain how you can utilize these filters correctly.

  1. Select Service Date filter and then apply the exact date range that matches the pay cycle (1st to 15th or 16th to end of month)

2. Filter for online payments. We do not pay you for offline payments (payments made at the club) or payments made with the club wallet.

3. Check the amount and REMEMBER: the amount shown in the Payments List does not include the commission that Playtomic retains (as per contracted agreement). Here it is on your invoice ⬇️

The amount in the bottom right corner is the amount we pay you and the amount that matches the Payments List 💸

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