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How to send the email "Acceptance of privacy policy and commercial communications"
How to send the email "Acceptance of privacy policy and commercial communications"
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1️⃣ Click on Clients and then on Active Clients:

2️⃣ Use the filters to select the group of people you want to send the email to. In this case, if you want to send it to the whole database, please select all customers:

3️⃣ Once the customers have been selected, a new button called "Send commercial communications mail" will be activated. Click on the new button:

4️⃣ You will get this alert, it is important that you undertand it before clicking OK:

"You have selected 21456 customers

You are going to send a mass email requesting the acceptance of the privacy policy and commercial communications.

You must make sure that the user understands that he/she will not receive unwanted messages again if he/she does not accept this type of communications.

An excessive volume of user complaints regarding communications causes them to be marked as spam and eventually stop being delivered to users. If a center sends irrelevant advertising or communications that result in user complaints, it may be restricted in its ability to send mailings from the platform.

It is only possible to do this once every 3 months. This message will not be sent to the same address more than once in bulk.

If you want to review the selection of customers to send to or leave it for later, close this tab or return to the list of customers."

5️⃣ Finally, click Accept (Aceptar) to send the email.

💬 If you still have any doubts or questions, don't worry, you can always contact us via chat and we will help you.

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