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Bulk mailings from Syltek (update)
Bulk mailings from Syltek (update)
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We have recently detected interruptions in Syltek's bulk mailing service. Our technical team has concluded that this is due to the fact that some centers have sent communications to users in breach of the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights Act 2019, whereby only those users who have proactively accepted commercial communications are allowed to be contacted.

As a consequence and as a matter of urgency, we have now had to remove this feature and forced to restrict the use of the database. It will now only allow you to send commercial communications to users who meet the conditions mentioned above.

In this way, we guarantee that all our customers can continue to use this functionality in accordance with the current regulations and without experiencing incidents.

However, transactional communications (those that are sent automatically, such as a booking confirmation or a cancellation) will not be affected by this new measure, so they will work as normal.

In any case, remember that the user data you have in your database is always available for download, so you can use an external email software, always under your responsibility.

We also recommend that you campaign internally in your club and on social media, so that your players link their Playtomic account from the app:

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