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Change e-mail signature
Change e-mail signature
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To send e-mails it is necessary to have the unsubscribe button configured in the e-mail signature. This is mandatory for all platforms, so customers can unsubscribe from receiving e-mails, especially to avoid being marked as spam when you send commercial e-mails.

To do so, go to Settings-Center and then to Communications - Signature emails.

In this section, you will find the word "here" with a link that you must edit in case it is wrong.

First we click on the word "here" and press the add link button:

After that, we will put the following link in the add link box:
The word tenant will be replaced by the tenant of your Club. If you don't know the tenant of your Club, just look at the url of your Club and it is the name before Syltek.

In this example, the tenant would be "mysticacristalia", so the link would look like this:

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